ASSESSA is a Brazilian company specialized in the development and production of high-efficiency bioactive ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

The company boasts a highly qualified technical team that supplies groundbreaking high-performance bioactive ingredients to the personal care industries across the world, thanks to a widespread distribution network that stretches across the five continents.

Our ingredients are derived from sustainable botanical sources, and follow high quality standards, associating safety, efficacy, market-appeal and competitive pricing, offering formulators solutions for innovative and effective cosmetic products.

In order to better manage the demands of our partners and customers, Assessa is divided in two business units: Perfumery and Bioactive Ingredients.

The Perfumery Business Unit is responsible for managing all business related to the perfume industry, including the family of the QUIDEX products.

The Bioactive Ingredients Business Unit is responsible for managing the business related to the active ingredients for skin and hair care.


In 1965, a group of scientists decided to invest in research into the commercial applications of marine algae found along the Brazilian coast.

They formed the companies ORMA S.A. (Products of Marine Origin) – which became the first Brazilian company to produce marine algae-derived materials for the food and pharmaceuticals industries – and PROMARINO S. A. – whose mission was to exploit the marine algae found along Brazil’s north-eastern coast.

A lucky discovery, however, triggered a new cycle of research – now into the cosmetic applications of marine extracts. This research was inspired by the observation that the hands of factory workers who handled algae were exceptionally smooth and soft – not what you might expect from men used to hard manual labor.

Studies were conducted into those algae from which substances of high cosmetic activity might be extracted, and into the technologies required to produce stable, high-quality derivatives.

This discovery, associated with the dawn of the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics, inspired this group of scientists to create ASSESSA.

The scientific curiosity remained the very essence of the company until today.

Sustained by continuous investment in scientific research on plants from the Brazilian biosphere, ASSESSA continues to enjoy an unparalleled reputation in its field.


ASSESSA is an innovative company whose strategy of technological development is always oriented to the end user.

Sustainability, safety and efficacy are the starting point for any new development.

The company pioneered the development of extraction processes based on water and the use of bio-catalysis and bio-transformations to get innovative and effective products for use in products for personal care.

ASSESSA innovations’ group networks with dozens of partner laboratories in many research centers in Brazil, forming teams that bring together the best scientists in the country working collaboratively on each project.

The company adopts in his research projects the principles of Green Chemistry, with emphasis on the prevention of waste generation, the use of safer solvents and auxiliaries, the design for energy efficiency and the use of renewable feedstock.


Search, identify and develop technologies, producing and marketing natural high performance active ingredients for cosmetics, respecting nature and valuing life.


Quality, commitment, honesty, respect, transparency, ethics, reliability, achievement and justice.

Environmental Policy

Our mission is to provide our customers with new active ingredients, combining technical knowledge and respect for the environment in order to contribute to the creation of effective and innovative cosmetics.


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