ASSESSA is a Brazilian company specialized in the production of bioactive ingredients of natural origin and high efficiency for the cosmetics industry worldwide.

Our mission is to provide our customers with new active ingredients, combining technical knowledge and respect for the environment in order to contribute to the creation of effective and innovative cosmetics.

The company’s main goal is to remain as a reference in scientific knowledge application in the creation of innovative ingredients, with a strong base on the pillars of technical expertise, quality of products and services, sustainability and respect for the environment.

ASSESSA understands that the rational and sustainable use of natural resources is an integral part of its activities and corporative strategy, since they are the source of inspiration and support  of its production processes, but acknowledges that in the exercise of its activities it causes environmental impacts at different levels.

ASSESSA seeks the environmental, social and economical sustainability of its activities, ensuring the preservation of Earth’s natural resources, quality, productivity and competitiveness.

Respecting the environment is part of the company’s values, and taking actions that result in environmental protection is also part of the corporate culture.

As part of its environmental policy the company undertakes the following commitments:

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements subscribed by the Organization that relate to the environmental aspects;
  • Prevent the occurrence of environmental damage resulting from its activities seeking the use of environmentally suitable technologies in the management of processes and design of new products;
  • Ensure that the natural raw materials used in the company are obtained sustainably and won’t lead to depletion of the environment;
  • Establish permanent channels of communication of environmental issues with concerned parties;
  • Create norms and register actions related to preserving the environment, in an auditable and transparent manner;
  • Develop continued actions aiming rationalization of energy and water consumption in its activities;
  • Promote systematic actions to reduce emissions from its activities;
  • Promote training and awareness of its internal and external collaborators to act with responsibility in preserving the environment and the pursuit of continuous improvement;
  • Establish, review and monitor, annually, objectives and specific environmental targets for its activities.