Hair consists mainly of corneal scleroproteins known as keratin, which possess neither veins nor nerves.

Individual hairs usually contain pigments, but sometimes have interstitial air bubbles which lend them a silvery quality.

A strand of hair is made up of modified epithelial cells, arranged in columns around a central marrow covered by fine elongated scales known as cuticles.

Their secondary structure is determined by the number of sulphur bonds (which come from sulphate groups present in hair proteins), by the thickness of the hair and by other factors, which, in combination with the physiology of each individual, are reflected in the general appearance of the whole – be it straight or curly, thick or fine, black, brown or blonde, normal, dry or greasy.

No two hairs are alike, in the same way that no two people (with the exception of identical twins) are exactly alike.

In addition to the diversity of hair types and cultures, the abandonment of unified aesthetic standards has led to the creation of a vast number of ways of physically, chemically and structurally transforming hair, leading to enormous segmentation in the products for its treatment.

Today there are products for straight, wavy, ethnic, dyed, greasy, dry, chemically treated and smooth hair, as well as for people who go to swimming pools and so on.

Today’s consumer wants a product that make his or her hair soft, shiny, bouncy, and which respects his or her cultural and aesthetic requirements. This demand has led the cosmetics industries to seek effective substances that meet such expectations.

ASSESSA, in keeping with its commitment to develop innovative and high performance products, offers substances derived from marine algae (the Marine Bioactives and Vectorized Bioactives) for moisturizing, conditioning, protecting and nourishing hair, and fruit-based substances (the Liquid Fruits) which supply the cosmetic industry with fruit-based substances in concentrations equivalent to those found in nature, helping to nourish, moisturize and protect hair.