The structure of human skin is composed of two distinct layers.

The external layer, known as the epidermis – or cutis – is made up of numerous fatty cells and possesses a surface composed of dead cells which are constantly falling off and being replaced by others from the layer below (called the stratum germinativum).

The inner layer of the skin – known as the ‘dermis’ – is composed of a network of collagen and elastic fibres, veins, nerves, fatty lobules and – at the base of the follicles – capillaries and sudoriferous glands.

Skin is defined as a protective organ, which covers the external surface of the body, forming a barrier against the action of physical, chemical and biological agents at the deepest tissue level.

As the first line of defense, it suffers all sorts of everyday traumas and bears the marks of the environment in which we live, our habits and life-styles.

ASSESSA’s marine agents interact with the proteins of the epidermis forming a protective, moisturizing layer, and activating biological responses of great importance in skin-care products.

The vectoring substances combine the biological properties of marine algae synergetically with other ingredients and exert a profound and differentiated cosmetic influence on old, damaged and tired skin.

The liquid fruit substances, for their part, contain the main elements found in the fruit, in concentrations close to those present in fresh fruit, without the addition of solvents, in addition to possessing excellent bioavailability in respect of the skin.